Not only programming builds web, but other forces also have impact and sometimes even more significant impact on the shape of the world wide web. When I think about which is more important for evolving the internet: programming or marketing it reminds me the eternal question about a chicken and an egg. Is that we programmers who create infrastructure for marketers and they later use it to accomplish business goals? Or is that marketers drive everything creating new ways of where to turn the internet?

Even though I can’t answer this question, for me it is clear that a programmer should have a slight insight about the marketing world and a marketer who works with web should have a little understanding about its features and capabilities.

DIgital Media Marketing

Since I decided to get myself into it, I’m going to post here a couple of thing which as I see it are important to understand about digital marketing in 2017.


After a little research which consist of reading an article and listening to a podcast I found out that modern marketing in the web is not about luring people to a particular website which is populated with specific content where you can bring the value of whatever you offer to them. It was like that in the past.

Today marketers must focus on platforms where a lot of people spend their time and which offer ways to market your service or product. Those platforms are large social networks of any kinds, micro-blogging platforms, video hosting services and picture hosting services. In fact, it means that instead of spending 90% of the time working on a company website like 3 years ago we have to divide or time and resources and focus on marketing on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked-in etc. The choice of places to work with – fully depends on our particular case and the marketing strategies for every hub could be totally different from each other.

It is important to understand that implication for it is to have an ability to find our customer. Since we can reach almost a half of the planet population our goal is not to convince someone to do something but to find one who is interested in it. And then explain the value to them.