Have your ever wondered where all the is time going? There are 24 hours in a day, but since we are all connected to each other through the web it seems the days became twice as shorter than before. And after we can use the web though a device which suits in a pocket the days shortened twice again. I considered to review my daily activity that involves my iPhone in order to figure out what it gives and what it takes. I am going to list all the apps I use and describe the benefit that I got after spending time with it.


Not only my smartphone helps me with receiving and sending data but it also wakes me up. Every morning starts with the sound going from my iPhone that kindly wants me to wake up and begin the day.


Web browser is the main app on every device that is connected to the Internet. Since I believe in total superpriority of web apps over native ones I would say that the amount of apps I use today is going to decrease over the time and in one year or so this list will be twice as short. I use safari for browsing the web obviously and this is the second app that comes after Alarm every morning. (and used a lot throughout the rest of the day)


Not much to comment, it noticeably benefits me by providing helpful information based on which I can chose a proper outfit before living my place.


Here comes hard time! There is no Internet in Toronto subway. If I were the mayor of the city – the very first thing I would do is free high-speed wi-fi in TTC (with a lot of annoying adds of course). I spend about one and half hours daily in subway, and it’s a place where all you can do is just sit and wait for your detonation, which is not easy without access to the web.
But enough complainings, if life gives you a lemon – make lemonade. I found the solution and this solution is Bookmate application. It’s not hard to guess that this app allows you to read books. There a lot of books of all kinds and the cost of subscription is about $10 per month which I find pretty affordable considering the amount of time spent by me underground. Who knows what kind of a person I would be if there was internet in subway. Instead of reading books I would probably browsing funny cat videos or something like that which I am not really sure if it is good or bad.


Safari allows me to browse sites.

Banking apps and PayPal

Living in another country alone without parent forces you to manage your finances carefully. Thanks to the banking apps it is easy as never. I am a client of three different banks two of them are Canadian and one is Russian, I have to transfer money from one to another pretty often. Plus I have to withdraw and deposit money on my PayPal which is also not difficult since they built pretty usable app (not like the site that used to have). Transferring, paying for loans, tracking my spending, searching for the closest ATM and a lot of different banking activities are done today through a mobile device. Very convenient.

Social networks

Oh, I think I already used them at one point earlier this day but forgot to mention. Well what can be said… social networks eat a lot of time. But it feels good to chat and check pictures of your friend, it gives me feeling of connection with them, but I totally have to spend less time doing it.


Browsing web again.


This app is used throughout my day while I am walking. There are tons of original audio content which I shuffle randomly, and it seems soundcloud is already aware of my preferences and gives me just that kind of music that I want to listen.

Google maps / Apple maps

Depends on location I use these apps if need to find a café or I need to find a particular address and check how I can get there using public transportation. All these needs are easily fellfield with the help of map apps. And thanks to GEO marketers I have very good choice in case if I feel a desire to spend a couple of bucks.

At this point the list of the apps I use rounds up. The same apps are used but in reverse order. There are dozens of apps I didn’t mention but barely I use them on a daily basis. Some are used once per two days, some once a week and some once a month.

To wrap it up, I want to say it seems pretty useful to spend time using a mobile device. Most of this time being spend on purpose to get some relevant data, and indeed it is hard to imagine life without all these convenient features in modern world.