Digital media marketing is not an IT profession, however everything related to digital marketing happens inside the IT infrastructure. Therefore, digital literacy is an essential must-have skill for every person who wants to deliver the value of anything to people and uses web as the main bridge for it.

There are seven widely accepted points about digital literacy.

  • Practical and functional skills
  • E-safety
  • Cultural and social understanding in the web
  • Collaboration
  • Ability to find and select information
  • Effective communication
  • Creativity

Digital marketing is very unique in terms of tech/social skills that are required to accomplish any goal that a marketer can face. Yes, everything happens in the web, therefore some technical knowledge is required.
Without at least basic understanding of how a website works, or how social media platforms work it wold be barely possible to come up with any working idea.
I would capitalise three digital literacy skills that are especially essential.

Ability to find and select information

We are in marketing. We must be able to look fast for some secondary data, for what our competitors do, for any unusual cases we may face and which must be solved fast (e.g. conflicted situation at let’s say Twitter). Not only that but there also no need in reinventing the bicycle, if a solution for a problem exists, why should we spend extra time?

Effective communication
Since a marketer is literally required to communicate with:
a. Potential customers
b. Decision makers
c. IT department
d. Existing clients
Being able to communicate effectively using skype, telegram, social apps or any other software is just as important as oxygen in the air.


Here comes the safety issue. A digital marketer can potentially (and often does) have data which in case of stealing can damage a company for huge amounts of money. There were cases when hackers stole Twitter account of a company and damaged its reputation heavily, even when it was revealed it was a hacker attack the reputation is already lost. All these practically mean that spending another couple of weeks researching for how to keep your information safe, how to chose a proper password, the number of passwords to have can save us from a lot of headache.

To wrap it up, being able to quick-search information, being able to communicate effectively and keeping your data safe would give you a significant advantage in the field of digital marketing.